Malissa Conti-Diener’s Q&A Highlights (AJG Live)

Malissa's passion is helping people with their pets, and promoting education for groomers.

Lessons from Shirelle – Grooming Advice from a Divine Knucklehead :-)

"I cannot stop child abuse.... But I do know that every child I work with is better for me having been there." Douglas Green

New YouTube Series & Live Q&A Session

This is the first episode in our new YouTube series called The Grooming Table. 🙂 The idea is to make short videos on specific parts of the groom, like the ears or the tail.

Dog Grooming Tools & Products – The Groomer’s Chisel

In this article, I'd like to continue on from where we last left off. I explain why grooming your dog is such an important part of the relationship and your dog's wellbeing in Dog Grooming: The Ultimate Dog Experience. Then I explained how to achieve the best results in How to Approach the Groom. Now that we … Continue reading Dog Grooming Tools & Products – The Groomer’s Chisel