New YouTube Series & Live Q&A Session

This is the first episode in our new YouTube series called The Grooming Table. šŸ™‚ The idea is to make short videos on specific parts of the groom, like the ears or the tail.

Why does my dog smell after a bath?

Did you know that the more often you wash a dog, the more likely it will produce a stronger odor? Or that Baby Shampoo is not safe to use on dogs?Ā I'd like to share what I've learned during my careerĀ to help owners have dogs with beautiful, problem-free coats: These next two quotes are taken from … Continue reading Why does my dog smell after a bath?

The Science of Washing Dogs

Believe it or not, there is a science behind the art of dog grooming. Ā I wanted to share a couple of articles that really help explain what our role is as professionals who care for the canine skin and coat.Ā A coupleĀ of my favorite professional groomers areĀ Michelle Knowles (who I had the pleasure to work with … Continue reading The Science of Washing Dogs