World Dog Expo 2017 Family Road Trip

If it wasn't for this trip to New Jersey, I'd still be that child that doesn't know any better... For that I will always be grateful for the opportunity to attend the World Dog Expo!

Groomer Burn Out: The Struggle is Real

It is so important to plug into our source of energy, and unplug from our responsiblities to the world, during our recharge time so that we can play much more effectively when we're called onto the field.

I Dream of Cesar

Anyone who knows me knows that I had a mildly creepy obsession with Cesar Millan. The effect his show and his book, Cesar's Way, had on my life was profound. I read his book during a flight from Phoenix to Atlanta about 9 years ago, and my life has never been the same since. I … Continue reading I Dream of Cesar