New YouTube Series & Live Q&A Session

This is the first episode in our new YouTube series called The Grooming Table. 🙂 The idea is to make short videos on specific parts of the groom, like the ears or the tail.

Washing them Smelly!

"It is important not to wash any dog too often, as over-bathing causes the coat to compensate by producing extra oils, which in turn causes an increase in natural odor." Complete Dog Care: How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy, pg. 52 We like to take our girls to the local library on Wednesdays … Continue reading Washing them Smelly!

Grooming Helps Relieve Itching

What if seasonal allergies were as easy to remedy as getting out the brush? Imagine if we never brushed our teeth, but we visit the dentist a few times a year.

Dog Grooming Tools & Products – The Groomer’s Chisel

In this article, I'd like to continue on from where we last left off. I explain why grooming your dog is such an important part of the relationship and your dog's wellbeing in Dog Grooming: The Ultimate Dog Experience. Then I explained how to achieve the best results in How to Approach the Groom. Now that we … Continue reading Dog Grooming Tools & Products – The Groomer’s Chisel