Groomer Burn Out: The Struggle is Real

It is so important to plug into our source of energy, and unplug from our responsiblities to the world, during our recharge time so that we can play much more effectively when we're called onto the field.

New YouTube Series & Live Q&A Session

This is the first episode in our new YouTube series called The Grooming Table. 🙂 The idea is to make short videos on specific parts of the groom, like the ears or the tail.

The 3 C’s of Grooming: Calm, Confident & Compassionate – Part 2

We can all agree that it is vital to have self-confidence to do good at anything. But how does someone go about attaining a high level of confidence if they do not feel they have much at the moment? Or any at all? It's not like there's a store that sells "Confidence" where we can stock up when we're low. Where does it come from?