All new clients must schedule an entire day (6-8 hours +): $275 per pet 

  • Meet and greet with the pets in order to begin building trust & rapport with them before asking for their permission to groom them.
  • Full inspection of the dog’s skin and coat to evaluate the current condition, and tailor the grooming service to fit each dog’s specific needs.
  • The first grooming session is like a first date. Like a first date, I must take things slow and not ask for too much from the dog too quickly. That is why it usually takes 3-4 hours to thoroughly brush the entire dog before they’re ready to be washed.
  • The bath and drying process usually takes a full hour. This is becuase the shampoo needs at least 5-10 minutes of contact time in order to provide maximum benefit to the skin and coat.
    • It takes about 5 minutes to soak the entire coat, another 5-10 minutes work up a good lather (depending on the size of the dog), and another 10 minutes to thoroughly rinse the entire dog so that there’s no residue left on the skin that could later cause irritation. Drying takes another 20-30 minutes in order to completely dry the skin and coat.
  • The haircut and styling only takes 30-45 minutes.
    • My favorite breeds to style by hand with scissors are Bichons, Coton de Tulears, Havanese and pretty much any kind of Doodle.
    • Haircut and styling is tailored to fit your needs.
  • The first visit gives us a good starting point to work from and build upon. It is about giving the dog the most pleasant experience possible, while at the same time doing what’s necessary to help them feel less itchy and uncomfortable. We want them to feel comfortable, and understand that proper grooming is necessary for skin health and overall comfort.
  • After the intitial visit, we will set up a regular grooming schedule and agree upon a fair, reasonable price. The average price per groom is $120 depending on the size and coat type of each individual dog.

To schedule a first time evaluation appointment, please email me at


4 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hi Jun! I sent you a message through FB and have not heard back. Are you taking new clients? I have 2 small dogs Can you please tell me your availability and pricing? TY Nancy 404-808-5588


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