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Author of The Art of Grooming:

A Philosophical Approach to Dog Grooming

DIY Teddy Bear (Puppy Cut) Videos on YouTube

DIY Dog Grooming Tutorial Videos on how to achieve a cute & balanced look that is easy to maintain for your long-haired pups at home.

In this episode, I demonstrate how I trim a round head on my dog We-Me. There are many names for it like; Teddy Bear Head, Puppy Head, Fluffy Head, etc. But the idea is to keep the head looking fluffy and natural, but neat, trimmed and rounded.

In this episode of The Grooming Table, I share tips and show how I clip down the body using clippers and a comb guard attachment.

In this episode I show how to get the legs to look full, fluffy and straight, and how to trim the feet nice and round like a soft teddy bear’s foot.

If you’d like to watch all the DIY videos in the series, The Grooming Table, please click the video playlist tab on the upper-left corner in the video below. You can click the share button on the upper-right to get the shareable link for the playlist as well:

Thank you all so much for all your support for our work, and for helping us share practical grooming tips for pet owners who are looking for help grooming their dogs at home. I hope these videos were helpful! Happy Grooming!

I felt inspired to share my story up to this point, and how I became known as Jun the Groomer. I hope that my story inspires you, and helps you to get to know me better. Thank you all so much for all the love and support! I honestly wouldn't have had the energy and motivation to make it this far without all of you encouraging me throughout the years. You're in my heart, and I hope you all know how much I love you!

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