Lessons from Shirelle – Grooming Advice from a Divine Knucklehead :-)

"I cannot stop child abuse.... But I do know that every child I work with is better for me having been there." Douglas Green

Washing them Smelly!

"It is important not to wash any dog too often, as over-bathing causes the coat to compensate by producing extra oils, which in turn causes an increase in natural odor." Complete Dog Care: How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy, pg. 52 We like to take our girls to the local library on Wednesdays … Continue reading Washing them Smelly!

Free eBook: The Art of Grooming. This week only (Feb 2-6)!

My book, The Art of Grooming, is available for free on the Amazon Kindle Store this week only: February 2nd to the 6th. Today was the first day of the promotion, and already 61 units have been downloaded!¬†http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KGQ3K32 There are a couple of reviews that I thought I'd share here because they were so encouraging … Continue reading Free eBook: The Art of Grooming. This week only (Feb 2-6)!