How To Become a Superhero!

We are all born with unlimited potential. That is a fact.

Given enough time and effort, there’s no telling where someone could end up in life. But what if you’re not born with any noticeable gifts or talents? What if you’re not super smart, or tall, or strong? What if you’re not physically attractive? None of these things matter. Even the least likely person can become a Superhero, even if everyone else believes that it’s impossible.

All you have to do is understand this simple formula: Great Power = Great Responsibility.

Which also means: Great Responsibility = Great Power

All you have to do is take a great level of responsibility for your own life. Own it! All of it! The good and the bad. Stop blaming others or allowing yourself to be the victim. Take charge of your own life!

By taking personal responsibility, you become powerful! With Great Responsibility comes Great Power!

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