Thanksgiving DIY Grooming Workshop at The PawStand

Last month we had the pleasure of conducting a DIY dog grooming workshop at The PawStand in Doraville, GA. We knew the people at The PawStand because we take a Goldendoodle named Bailey to wash and dry there regularly. Every time I take Bailey there, they are always so warm and helpful. I felt like it was the perfect place to help pet owners with grooming issues because of how involved they already are in the community. 

I’m so grateful for small business owners like Donna and Dr. Jennifer who go into business for the right reasons and prove it with their decisions and actions. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by The PawStand in Doraville, GA – next to WellPet Humane – to grab an all-natural treat for your pet, learn about the best diet for your individual pet’s needs, and learn about how their hydrotherapy (underwater therapy) has helped rehabilitate dogs who were unable to walk. I’m so happy to have their support, and we’re eagerly planning another workshop next year in early 2019. 

Thank you to all who attended our workshop!! It was such a cold and windy night that night, and I genuinely appreciate everyone who made the time to come out to learn how to better care for their pets. It really showed me how much people truly do care about their dogs, and want to know how to take care of all their needs. I’d also like to thank Banixx for sending us samples of their anti-bacterial/anti-fungal spray, their shampoo with collagen, and a bottle of moisturizing cream to help heal skin issues like hotspots, wounds and infections. Thank you once again for your time! I hope the information we shared was helpful, and I know you will enjoy the samples that Banixx so generously sent us. We hope to see you at the next workshop, and please bring a friend 🙂 

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