AJG Live Q&A with Andre Bradshaw: 3 Tips for Success

Andre Bradshaw is currently Head of Talent Sourcers at AltiSource here in Atlanta, and was previously Senior Executive Recruiter for Cox Enterprises. He’s also been one of my best friends for over a decade! At first I wasn’t sure if he would agree to sit down with me for an hour and do a live Q&A. But then I thought, “Of course he would do it. I’m Jun the Groomer!” LOL! I’m kidding, of course!

Andre is honestly the hardest worker I know, and one of my favorite people to talk to. I’ve gained so much insight and knowledge from our conversations over the years. We all need a good friend like that. One who makes us feel safe to let our guards down, and we can talk about anything from the meaning of life to what we had for lunch that day without feeling judged.

Here are 3 Main Points that Andre and I talked about during our live stream that I thought could be valuable to share:

  1. Success REALLY Does Depend On The Work You Put Into The Preparation:
    • The Prep Work. Andre believes that what gives him the competitive edge is the amount of time and effort he puts into preparing for the presentation. The video that he mentions in the beginning of our interview is a clip that explains this concept that we call The Golden Triangle:
  2. When Interviewing a Candidate, Ask Open-Ended Questions:
    • Asking open-ended questions encourages the candidate to tell specific stories that gives examples of distinct behaviors.
    • “When was the last time you created additional work for yourself?”
      • You want to hear that they enjoy their work, and they do additional work all the time. Not that they avoid doing additional work.
    • “Tell me about a time you had to solve a challenge you did not create for yourself.”
      • You’re looking for the candidate to give you a story that exemplifies a person who is proactive, and takes responsibility for the team.
    • “When was the last time you were wrong about something?”
      • The purpose of this question is to see how someone learns. If they cannot tell you a time when they were wrong about something, that may indicate that they aren’t very willing to learn from mistakes.
  3. Do The Job You Want, And Then You’ll Get The Promotion.
    • You can’t get promoted to do a job you’ve never done, or haven’t proven you can do, because that’s too big of a risk to any employer.
    • Managers never say, “I think the way to get Jun to do more is to give him a promotion and pay him more. Then, surely, he’ll get his act together.” They say, “Andre deserves the promotion. He’s already doing so much! Just think how much more he’ll do when we give him a raise!”
    • “Always do more than what you’re paid for in order to make an investment in your own future.” Jim Rohn

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” — Colin Powell

If you would like to watch the full, unedited, live stream:

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