Lessons from Shirelle – Grooming Advice from a Divine Knucklehead :-)

Last week I had the great pleasure of speaking with Douglas Green, author of The Teachings of Shirelle – Life Lessons from a Divine Knucklehead. It was “ridiculously fun”, as Douglas put it in an email after the show! It really was ridiculously fun, and unlike any interview you’ll probable ever hear. LOL! But at the same time, it was one of the most inspiring and enlightening conversations I’ve ever had.

If you don’t have an hour and a half to burn watching my YouTube video above, like most normal human beings, I’d like to share with you a few of my MAJOR take-aways from our conversation. Also, if you have any questions specifically for Shirelle, the Divine Knucklehead :-), go to www.askshirelle.com to get an honest answer from a dog’s point of view.

My Take-Aways (Key Points):

  • Dogs have a way of connecting with us that breaks down all of our walls in a way that other humans never can. Douglas told me that his clients would open up in a different way when he had Shirelle there with them. “They would open up and connect in a way that I could never achieve.”
  • Shirelle was his Greatest Master who taught him how to Love Thoughtlessly, and Live in the Moment because Every Moment is New. She taught him these lessons of timelessness just by doing them. There was no lecture needed. She Loved Thoughtlessly, and Lived Fully in Every Moment without any thought of looking foolish to others.
  • When we really try to understand why our dogs handle situations differently, we begin the journey of Self Discovery. Dogs show you what may be troubling you inside.
  • Dogs are born loving, just like babies. They learn to Fear. Things happen, and we learn to fear negative results. Dogs can hold onto traumatic experiences.
  • Shirelle never liked the bath because she was afraid of the water being sprayed on her. However, she eventually learned that this is just something she has to go through. She always received a lot of affection and treats afterward.  Lesson: Reward yourself when you must go through a difficult situation. By giving yourself a reward after going through something that scares or challenges you, it makes going through it bearable.
  • Dogs are very Self-Centered, but in a very healthy way. There’s no ego, per se, in a dog. They can get jealous of something, but they wouldn’t think, in a neurotic way, “I have to do this or I’ll look bad.” Or, “I have to prove this I can do this or I won’t be enough.” “Am I doing this right?” They just don’t go there. They do what they do because they want to do it – never to prove anything. They don’t worry about looking bad – they don’t try to avoid shame like we do.
  • Dogs have no spoken language like we do. They communicate by just being – by doing. It’s the most honest form of communication. When we want the dog to respond to us in a certain way, it’s almost like using Jedi Mind tricks. You’re convincing the dog that you are there to help. To Love.
  • When Douglas works with troubled children, he always trusts that the kids will like him because he loves them. Because of his “puppy-like” nature, and the inner peace that comes from trusting in himself, he is able to connect to the children and make a positive impact on their lives. Always with love and kindness, never by force or intimidation. “If you want your raised hand to be a threat, you’re going to pay for that for the rest of your life. With a child or a dog.”
  • Dog owners care about the treatment of their pets more than anything else. Obviously they would love a beautiful haircut and styling, but that is secondary to how their animal companion is being treated.
  • Clients usually don’t know that there’s another way to do things. They just accept that this is how it is. Then you show up, and show them the difference. That can change everything! We really can change the world, one dog at a time.
  • We are the next generation of Dog Groomers. Just like our grandparents we probably better parents than our great-grandparents, and our parents were probably better parents than our grandparents. If you have children, you’re probably a better parent than your parents were to you. It’s the natural evolution of things. We are the the next step. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi
  • “I cannot stop child abuse. It’s happening everywhere. But I do know that every child I work with is better for me having been there. You can be that dog groomer to those dogs that need some extra love and understanding.” Douglas Green

If you’d like to get to know Douglas and Shirelle better, please visit www.askshirelle.com. I read an inspiring answer that he wrote to a child wanting a guitar or a piano, but his mother won’t buy either unless he agrees to take lessons. This is just a short quote to give you an idea of who he is, and how much he truly wants to help inspire children.

“I will admit, though, I do have a result I’m hoping for. I want you to absolutely fall in love with an instrument. I want you to find a joy that will last your whole life long, and that brings even more joy to others. If that doesn’t happen, it’s okay. But if it did, wouldn’t that be amazing?!” http://askshirelle.com/2016/07/18/doglover101-asks-ive-wanting-play-either-guitar-piano-bit-asked-mom-buy-one-check-music-store-might-going-monday-heres-t/


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