Diet Plan for my Pack – Natural Balance LID & FreshPet Vital Whole Blends!

Last week I was so fortunate to meet a super sweet representative for Natural Balance named, Beverly McKinley Smoak. She told me about Dick Van Patten’s story, and why he was so passionate about making the best dog food possible. “We wanted a pet food based on sound scientific principles and truth, not marketing hype. We did it!” Dick Van Patten

I loved the philosophy and the mission behind the brand, but the one thing that stood out to me the most is their “Buy With Confidence” guarantee.

“The health and safety of your pet is our first priority. Every production run of Natural Balance pet food is tested before distribution so that you can “Buy With Confidence”. Not only do we test all products in our state-of-the art in-house laboratory for nine known contaminants before they reach store shelves, but simply enter the product date code below to find actual laboratory results posted in real-time.

  1. Select your Natural Balance formula type on the dropdown menu below.
  2. Find the Best By Date on your Natural Balance product and enter it in the space provided.
  3. Click Search and read your product’s actual test results.”

Beverly was nice enough to let me try some samples that she had, which were dog food rolls that you can add as a supplement to their food or use as treats. They were awesome! I love how easily it crumbles up into small pieces to add into my dog’s food bowls. One roll lasted me 2 feedings because I have 3 dogs. But if you only have one dog, I’m sure one roll would break up into 6 feedings or 3 days if you’re feeding twice daily. Now that I’m out of the sample rolls, and ran out of dog food too, I decided to go out and buy a bag of Natural Balance to try out on my dogs. I chose the Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Formula.


I also received samples of a Super Foods Additive called “Vital” Whole Blends by FreshPet that are mix-in meal enhancers! A very pleasant lady named Patty Murphy agreed to send me some samples so that I can try them and share my experiences with my audience.


Patty generously sent me 6 bags! One of each variety.  Pictured above are Senior, Digestive and Puppy Whole Blends. The other three I have are called Daily, Immunity, and Dental. I will try adding those after I’ve finished these three.

1 1/4 cup Natural Balance Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Formula + 2/3 cup of Vital Whole Blends for Angel and Dexter. 2/3 cup of Natural Balance Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Formula + 1/4 cup of Vital Whole Blends for We-Me. 


The Senior is for Angel, who is 10 years old.


Digestive is for Dexter, my 6 year old pit mix, because out of my three he has the most sensitive stomach.


The Puppy is for We-Me, my 4 year old Maltese/Shih Tzu mix. I know he’s not a puppy, but he’s small and the best candidate for it.

Angel: 1 1/4 Cup Natural Balance Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Formula + 2/3 Cup Vital Senior Whole Blends
Dexter: 1 1/4 Cup Natural Balance Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Formula + 2/3 Cup Vital Digestive Whole Blends
We-Me: 2/3 Cup Natural Balance Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Formula + 1/4 Cup Vital Puppy Whole Blends
My Family, My Life, My Passion!

I’m so excited about this new project I’m working on with my dogs! I’m always eager to learn more about how we can take better care of our dogs so they can live happy, healthy, and comfortable lives with us. I’m going to be making observations and documenting any changes I notice, both good and bad, while feeding my dogs this new diet plan. After I’m done with my experiment, I will post pictures and share my experiences with you all.

To find out more about both Natural Balance products and FreshPet’s Vital Whole Blends, please visit their websites:

Thank you all so much for reading! I hope this give you some ideas for your dogs’ diet as well. 🙂







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