Product Review: Resco Pet Products



I was recently contacted by a man named Eric Pelland at Resco Pet Products. After a few friendly emails, he generously sent me several combs and nail clippers to test out so I could give my personal feedback. I wanted to give an honest review so I tested the combs out on several different coat types for about a week before making my video review for YouTube. I really did put them to the test! The combs are very comfortable to use and the metal pins are very durable, and I am honestly impressed. 🙂

Suzanne Pierce commented on my Facebook page, “I have small arthritic hands & I LOVE my resco all-course ergonomic comb (the all silver one). Couldn’t live without it.”

To demonstrate how to use the combs, I used my own Shih Tzu/Maltese mix named We-Me. In the video in the following link I demonstrate how to use their combs to comb out tangled and matted hair from the underside of a ShihTzu-type coat.

I thought it was very cool, but Resco actually commented on the video!

“Thank you for the great review Jun! The reason you’re not noticing loose pins is due to our manufacturing method. Most pins are screwed into the shank, ours are machine pressed through so that they won’t loosen. Also, the guillotine style is still new to many, however we’ve sold millions of them to veterinarians and groomers due to the replaceable cutting blade. Thank you again – great tips!”

To visit the Resco website:



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