Product Review: Madra Mor MUD


My boy, Dexter, is a Blue Pit mix with a short coat. Many people think that short coated breeds don’t really need a lot of grooming, and that they’re easy to wash. Wrong, and wrong. Short coats need to be brushed regularly, and given a thorough brushing during the shedding seasons (late Fall, and late Spring). Today I gave my boy a much needed bath using Madra Mor MUD’s Shed Safely, and Soothing Mud for his feet.


“Madra Mor mud supplies essential minerals that detoxify the skin by exchanging themselves for undesirable smells, impurities, and toxins that create problem skin with vital minerals and hydrating omega oils. Skin sheds tens of thousands of dead cells a minute. Dead cells trap dirt, sebum, & impurities that encourage bacteria and dermatitis conditions.”

From dull & brittle to smooth and shiny!
I used my fingers to pinch out the dead bundles of dull hair.


“Clay when moistened with water makes Mud. Naturally absorbent and extremely gentle on the system; cleansing, detoxifying and healing with mud is as old as man-kind. Many people maintain health with therapeutic mud baths at resorts and spas. Mud therapy restores and rejuvenates the body; enhancing circulation and boosting nutrients.”

No matter how good the product, there is no substitute for “elbow grease.” 


First I brushed him out to clear his pores of all the dead hair and dander that was building up inside. Then I used an all natural shampoo to clean away a lot of the dirt and old grease before applying the mud treatment. I like to brush the coat using a metal carding tool or the Kong Zoom Groom while waiting for the shampoo to set. Remember, it is not our hands scrubbing the dog that cleans the dog. It’s the shampoo, and the shampoo can only do it’s job when given enough time to do what it is designed to do. Rather than lather up the dog, scrub, scrub, scrub and rinse; I believe it is better to gently brush and massage the dog for 5-10 minutes so that the product has enough time to give us the best results. After rinsing the shampoo completely off, then I apply the Madra Mor MUD treatment. Once I covered him in the mud, I massaged it into his skin for 15 minutes as recommended. He loved every minute of it, and his eyes rolled back several times!

Very relaxed 😉 

If you can tell from the pictures, Dexter went from feeling dull and brittle to feeling silky smooth and shiny! I love the results that I’ve been getting using Madra Mor’s products! Below is an illustration from their Facebook page that highlights the benefits of massaging, and tips on how to massage that I found very helpful. Remember that since we are exfoliating the skin and massaging toxins out of the body, we must make sure to give them plenty of water and potty breaks. The toxins that are released must be flushed out, otherwise they will be absorbed back into the body. We also want to make sure that they don’t engage in any strenuous activity for the rest of the day so that they can take full advantage of our efforts. Just like when we go to the spa, your dog will need plenty of water and rest. 1527111_203773303154730_1376213837_n.png

For more information on Madra Mor MUD products, please visit their website: or their Facebook page: If you have any questions for me, or would like to contact me, please email me at Thank you all so much for reading!

My beautiful boy 🙂



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