Mud Bath for Dogs?


I’ve seen pictures on Facebook and heard about using mud to bathe dogs in, but I never really gave it much thought. Now that I started grooming at Pet Club, they’ve introduced me to Madra Mor Mud products. It’s amazing stuff! We offer it as a solution to our clients who have trouble with hot spots, excessive shedding, itchiness, and discomfort from painful joints.

“Madra Mór Muds nourish and hydrate the skin. Restoring nutrients and strengthening your dogs first line of defense! Healthy Skin Equals a Beautiful Coat! Our goal was to make a product that cleansed, protected, and rejuvenated our canine companions thin, delicate skin! What we created is nature’s way to clean and treat with Mother Nature’s finest, time-tested ingredients.”


I had a chance to try it the other day on my 10 year old dog, Angel. It was her birthday last month so I thought I’d give her a late birthday present. A mud bath! I used a combination of the Shed Safely MUD and the Mobility MUD for her joints and muscles.


It says to massage the mud into the coat for at least 10 minutes, and a groomer named Jessica told me that she massages for about 15 minutes. I lasted exactly 10 minutes because it felt like Icy/Hot or Bengay on my hands and arms. They were on fire, but stinging like ice all at the same time! I wondered if the dogs really thought this was “refreshing” like the website says? After I rinsed all of it off, I could still feel the burning/stinging sensation. But once I started drying her, the air felt really nice against my skin! Angel really didn’t seem bothered by it at all. Maybe I just have a very low tolerance for pain.


After she was all dry and back on my table, I brushed her out once last time with an 10-toothed Coat King followed by a Miller’s Forge Slicker brush. She really did feel amazing!! Incredibly soft and smooth! I also noticed that my own arms and hands felt amazingly soft and smooth. Even after I got home and walked my dogs, I noticed that my hands looked and felt softer than usual.


I have very rough patches of skin above my knuckles that are always chalky, and I often use lotion to keep them moisturized. However, I noticed that even without lotion they looked pretty good. Made me wonder if I should have stuck it out another 5 minutes in the tub? Maybe next time!


For more information about Madra Mor MUD products, visit If you’d like to learn more about Pet Club’s Grooming services, including the mud bath, please visit:


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