Grooming Is In Our Nature

Grooming is in our Nature
Sundays are my daughters’ favorite day of the week because they know that we’re going to spend the day doing family activities. We’re so fortunate to be living here in Utah because the scenery here is so beautiful no matter where you look! This past Sunday we decided to try the Hogle Zoo near Salt Lake City. It was so beautiful, and just like the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona, there were several animals busy grooming themselves and each other.

When it comes to dog grooming, many people think that it is just another errand they have to run every month or two by dropping their dog off at a grooming shop. When I look at the animals, I’m reminded that Nature has a very different way to think about what grooming is. Grooming is about health and hygiene, and maintaining good hygiene is a daily responsibility. We like to think that grooming a dog is about making them look pretty, but in Nature, grooming is about maintaining a healthy protective barrier in order to survive. It’s about health, not vanity.


Beaver Grooming Itself
This picture was sent to me by a friend, Kim Gambino. She took this picture of a beaver grooming itself at a wildlife rehabilitation center. I remember watching a documentary about beavers. It explained that they spend hours spreading the oil secreted from the base of their tail all over their bodies. If they didn’t, they would freeze to death. For this guy, Grooming means Life!

20151122_142215Lion Grooming Itself
We watched this lion at the Hogle Zoo licking it’s legs and paws. He spent a good 10 minutes grooming himself – and I doubt it’s so he looks good for the females.

“Fur maintenance and warmth: By licking itself, a cat helps distribute its natural oils evenly around its coat. This oil guards against dampness and seals in heat.”

20151122_154616Porcupines Grooming Each Other
“A porcupine spends very little time combing its hair, and it is impossible for the creature to use its teeth or claws to groom the fur and hair on its back and tail.”

“After mating the male and female groom each other.”

According to the previous two statements, we may have caught these two after a love making session 😉

Nature’s Bath Time
“Bathing may not rank high on your list of enjoyable activities, but you have been taught by your parents that one way to stay healthy is to keep your body clean. Nature must have taught this same important lesson to the rest of the animal kingdom because almost all creatures have developed some method of cleaning and grooming themselves.”

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