We CAN Heal Black Skin Disease!!

There is a company called DERMagic, and at the risk of sounding like a snake potion salesman, I must tell everyone about their products! It’s just too good to keep to myself, and I know that hundreds of people who own Pomeranians or Chow Chows would benefit from knowing how they can heal their dogs’ “Black Skin” and/or Alopecia (sudden hair loss). Their website is www.dermagic.com. I highly recommend visiting their blog: http://blog.dermagic.com. They have case after case & pictures to prove how effective their system is. The following case is one that dog groomers are all too familiar with. What we’ve been taught and told by vets though, is that this is untreatable. We now know that it is treatable, and we know how bring the skin back to a healthy state! Dermagic Pom “All DERMagic products are made in the USA, with ingredients produced in the USA. We believe in supporting our national economy, minimizing our carbon footprint, and making sure we produce the best quality products possible, consistently. You can use these all-natural skin care formulas with full confidence; they are made with the finest domestically produced certified organic whole-leaf aloe vera gel, vitamin E, organic shea butter, beeswax, therapeutic essential oils and soothing plant oils. Whenever possible organic ingredients are selected over non-organic ones. There are never any perfumes or artificial ingredients so you don’t have to wonder about harsh and irritating chemicals on your pet’s skin.” https://www.dermagic.com/FAQs_ep_39-1.html

I absolutely loved speaking with Dr. Adelia at SuperZoo! She is as passionate about her products that she’s developed as I am about my grooming process. We recognize qualities in others that we ourselves possess. Dr. Adelia is a chemist who used to make human cosmetics. I believe she was called to a greater purpose – to save the lives of our dogs. She developed these all-natural products in order to save her own dog’s life! After trying steroids, cortisone shots, and other medications that would only give temporary relief – if that – the vets finally suggested putting her dog down because they thought it was genetic. She refused to accept that, and went to work to save her dog. I’m so grateful that she did, because by saving her own dog she is now able to save many others.

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