Grooming Nightmares!

Have you ever seen Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Gordon Ramsey? I was amazed at how similar a grooming business is with the restaurant business. Whether you’re running a kitchen or a grooming salon, it must be clean in order to produce an excellent product/service. Another common factor of success is using quality ingredients and products. If your kitchen is clean and uses high-quality ingredients, there’s a good chance it will be a successful restaurant. Similarly, if the salon is clean and uses quality ingredients and products, there’s a very good chance it will be successful. It seems so simple, but simple hardly ever means easy.

I am now the manager and head dog groomer at a place in Mesa, AZ called Pampered Paws Pet Salon. Our FaceBook Page: The first two days have been cleaning up the place in order to prepare for customers. The place actually very nice, but it wasn’t cleaned regularly and smelled bad. 😦 As soon as I walked in I thought of Chef Ramsey, and laughed as I imagined myself cursing and yelling about how nasty this place is! After several trips to the dumpster, and scrubbing the entire shop down for two days, the salon is now presentable and ready for business! 🙂

Now that the place is clean, I decided that we needed a process in place that will help brand the business as a high-quality grooming shop. I decided to call it the Pampered Process, which is a 3-Step process that helps ensure quality results with every groom. Step 1: Prepare the Skin – Brush and Comb out dead hair and cellular debris from out of the pores in order to clear room for the water to clean the skin thoroughly. Step 2: Shampoo and Conditioner: Clean the skin with shampoo and rehydrate the skin with the conditioner to prevent drying. Step 3: Dry and Scissor Finish: Some dogs do not require scissor trimming, but all dogs could use a good carding (removal of dead undercoat and skin cells).

By simply cleaning the shop and having a new process in place, I believe that I’m showing the clients that I’m a professional. I also called back several people who had left messages on the answering machine, and I now have dogs scheduled all week! I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I’m so excited to see how things turn out by using the same principles I learned from countless hours of watching Kitchen Nightmares! Thank you Chef Ramsey! 🙂

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