4 Steps to a Beautiful, Problem-Free Coat!

The dog’s skin is an amazing system that protects the dog from the elements, but also helps to keep everything inside the body safe and insulated. It is a living organ, the largest organ to be exact, and it is so exciting for me to try to better understand how it works. I believe it is my role as the caretaker of the dog’s skin. I’ve been noticing more and more dogs suffering from chronic allergies and skin conditions that only get mildly better with steroids and prescription shampoo. There must be more we can to do to assist our beloved pets, and help them live more comfortably.

I believe that with my unique experience as a dog groomer – looking at every square inch of the dog’s skin everyday – I can help a lot of people with what I’ve learned through research and hands-on experience over the years. I will be making a series of videos explaining how we can help our pets suffer less and live happier lives. This is the first video explaining the 4 simple steps I recommend owners follow when grooming their dogs at home. The next video that I plan on filming next week will be about how to wash our dogs, and more importantly how often we should do it. I hope you enjoy!

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