I Dream of Cesar

Anyone who knows me knows that I had a mildly creepy obsession with Cesar Millan. The effect his show and his book, Cesar’s Way, had on my life was profound. I read his book during a flight from Phoenix to Atlanta about 9 years ago, and my life has never been the same since. I talked about him so much that my co-groomer at a vet clinic I started grooming at bought me a ticket to see him when he spoke in Atlanta back in 2010. Cesar is my hero, my mentor, and my teacher. We live in an amazing time where we have access to all the information we need at any time. I know the man is busy so I read his articles, watch his tv episodes, watch YouTube clips, and read his books. It’s like having him right there having a one-on-one conversation with you even though he may not be there physically. I told you it was a mildly creepy obsession. 😉

I finally had a chance to meet Cesar Millan in person November, 2013 while we were living in Atlanta, GA. I was walking on a beach one day, and I look up and see someone that looked like it could be Cesar walking towards me. This was not too unusual because I see Cesar Millan riding a bike in front of our house sometimes. But the closer we got to each other, the more I was for sure this was Cesar Freaking Millan!! I ran over to him as fast as I could and just poured it on him! Years of pent-up gratitude just overflowed all over him, and it got weird pretty quickly. I mean, how much can you thank someone really REALLY enthusiastically before it gets weird right? As soon as I realized I was freaking him out, I tried to pull myself together and tone it down so he doesn’t misunderstand. I didn’t want him to think I was crazy! LOL! I think I even said something like, “I’m not crazy, man. Seriously, I’m just really happy to see you. That’s all.” To his credit, he was really nice! He just kinda nodded, and said “Thank you.” He was gracious and professional, but I definitely weirded him out. He gives me the “you’re crazy” look, smiles and says, “I gotta go.” I immediately reply, “Of course you gotta go. You’re Cesar Millan!” He laughed and said “thank you” again before walking away.

Watching my hero walk away made me feel like my heart just dropped into my belly. Tears started coming out of my eyes, and I knew that I blew my chance to…. to what? Then I woke up. It was just a dream? It felt so real, and I still remember feeling a heavy feeling in my chest when I woke up. I still felt disappointed when I woke up. Then a moment of clarity. A voice in my head, perhaps my own thoughts, but I remember voice in my head asking me, “What else did you expect?” I thought about it for a moment. I remember saying out loud, “Of course that’s what would happen, what else did I expect?!” The questions continued, “Did you expect him to take you home with him?” “Did you expect him to ask you out to dinner and offer to make you famous?” “Did you expect him to invite you an event?” “Why do you want to thank him anyway?” That was the most clear-headed I think I’ve ever been able to think in my life. Of course I would weird him out, that’s just what I do when I get excited. Of course he would thank me and be on his way. What else did I expect?!

I learned a very valuable lesson that has served me very well since that night. There is no hero that will save the day for us, we are our own heroes. There is no one outside of ourselves that we need in order to achieve all of our dreams. We already have all that we need to express the greatness that is inside of us. As long as what we are doing is coming from a place of love, there is no obstacle or circumstance that can keep us from achieving our dreams. I often wonder how different horses would act if they knew just how powerful they really are. They could kill any predator animal with just one swift kick to the head or the ribcage. Horses cannot think that way because they are prey animals. We are not horses. We are not prey. We are not meant to live in fear. We are love expressed in physical form. Love expresses itself through our hands when we help those who cannot help themselves. We are love in action, and love is the most powerful force in the Universe. There is nothing that can stop us. It is time to go for our dreams and pursue happiness. I will stop waiting for someone or something to come and save me. Thank you, Cesar, for yet another great lesson – even if it was only in my dreams. 🙂

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