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I’ve been going through a very interesting series of events lately. We dropped everything to move here to Phoenix from Atlanta in a hurry due to health-related circumstances with my wife’s parents. Then my wife, Kimmie, had to go into the ER at 2:30am last Wednesday with what we thought was appendicitis. It turned out to be a bacterial infection in the intestines – it was like an episode of House for a couple of days. Then my little boy, We-Me (our little Shih Tzu/Maltese mix), got a ruptured anal sac over night and is now on antibiotics and NSAIDs as well. LOL! There was a really pleasant lady named Sharon working the front desk at the vet clinic, and she laughed saying that this would make a great country song! 🙂 I know that everything happens for a reason. I no longer hope that things will work out. I know that they will, and that everything that happens to us is happening for our greatest benefit. With that said, I had a perfect opportunity to share my experience to help inspire someone else. We are all capable of being kind and encouraging to others, and I believe that’s the purpose of our existence.

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Lesly Ortiz 1 day ago
I wish I could take my dog for grooming because of his bad matting but I’m unaware of the cost and I don’t want the groomers to get mad at me since I don’t ‘ properly take good care of my dog ‘ which I do but his fur is easily tangled , what should I do?
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thedoggroomer2012 22 hours ago
+Lesly Ortiz Do not let the fear of what others may think or say about you prevent you from doing what you know is right to do. My little dog, We-Me, was fine last night but this morning he didn’t really want to walk like he usually does. I noticed that his butthole looked swollen to I tried to see what was wrong but he yelped in pain and wouldn’t let me touch him back there. Being a groomer, I knew what was wrong because I’ve seen it before with my clients’ dogs. His anal glands were backed up and they were about to burst – they call it a ruptured anal sac. In the short time that I checked him out and ran to the bathroom to get a wet towel, by the time I got back to him it had already ruptured – meaning there was a hole next to his butthole that was oozing out anal gland juice. Sorry to get graphic, but this is what happened to me this morning… and it was real, and it was fun, but it wasn’t really fun 😉 So now I had a decision to make. I didn’t want to take him to the vet initially because we don’t have a lot of money to spend at the moment due to the set of circumstances we’ve been through recently. That was one fear – the money: can I afford this??? Then the next fear: what will they think of me??? He’s way overdue for basic shots like rabies, and he hasn’t been to a vet since the day he was given to us because we just never really had the time. 2 little daughters and running our own business in Atlanta really didn’t give us much room to spend the money or time to take our dogs to the vets. I thought, “I’m supposed to be a great dog groomer, and they’ll think I don’t even take care of my own dogs.” But I do take the best care of them that I possibly can, and I love We-Me. So I made the call to the vet near our home here in Chandler, AZ, and told the vets our situation and that he honestly hasn’t been to a vet in over 2 years. They were so understanding and helpful! I feared the bill would come out to be a couple hundred bucks, but it was only $65 total! Nobody judged me, and if they did I didn’t notice, and it turned out to be much cheaper than I had expected. Now my little boy is feeling so much better and he’s on the proper antibiotics to heal any infection. This actually happened to me today, so the timing of your question couldn’t have been more perfect. I know how you’re feeling, and how it must feel knowing that your dog is miserable. I just asked myself one question: Why are you not willing to take him to the vet? The answer was, fear. Fear of not being able to afford it, the fear of what others might think, the fear of possibly being in trouble for not keeping my dogs up to date on their vaccinations, etc. Then I had to ask myself: Will I let fear keep me from getting my dog relief from his suffering? The answer had to be “NO”. So I will repeat the sentence I started this with: Do not let the fear of what others may think or say about you prevent you from doing what you know is right to do. I would suggest calling around to grooming shops in your area and getting some price quotes – I think you’ll find that the prices are very reasonable to shave a matted dog. Most groomers just want to help, and would love to help you out. Groomers are kind-hearted and people-pleasers by nature – at least all of the groomers that I’ve met so far. I hope that my experience today helps you, and thank you so much for caring about your dog enough to reach out to me. I’m so honored and pleased to be of assistance – even if it’s just sharing my own embarrassing experience 🙂 Namaste means that I honor the light in you that is also in me. We are the same, Namaste 🙂

Grooming Advice: Tip for Shaving a Matted Coat

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