Free eBook: The Art of Grooming. This week only (Feb 2-6)!

My book, The Art of Grooming, is available for free on the Amazon Kindle Store this week only: February 2nd to the 6th. Today was the first day of the promotion, and already 61 units have been downloaded!

There are a couple of reviews that I thought I’d share here because they were so encouraging to me, and I hope they reflect how others feel as well.

“5.0 out of 5 stars Every pet owner should read this! August 15, 2014
By Isaac Roda
Verified Purchase
I started reading books about grooming dogs because I did not like having to spend $$ monthly on grooming bills. I have a couple of technical books am reading in parallel to help me learn and understand techniques. I am very happy I happened across this book and decided to read it because as others have areleady stated that this is not a technical “how to” book, but rather it is “why” book. I very much enjoyed reading this book. The author very simply helped me understand why I should not only learn how to groom my dogs, but why I should want to groom my dogs. Prior to reading this book it did not occur to me how grooming would develop and strengthen the bond I have with my little buddies. As I started to read I also started daily brushing and quickly (a couple of days) saw the relationship with my dogs change in positive ways. I now look forward to developing a better understanding of what my pets need in the way of grooming and providing these needs myself. This book helped me understand how grooming my own pets will help me as well as my pets. I highly recommend this book to anyone that has pets. It will open your eyes to a perspective at least I didn’t not see before.”

“5.0 out of 5 stars enlightening July 20, 2014
By sjsmith
Verified Purchase
This book created a huge paradigm shift in how I viewed my dog’s physical care. My connection to my dogs has deepened and I didn’t think that was possible. This is not a how to guide about the nuts and bolts of grooming. It is more of a spiritual guide. It could be called the Zen of grooming. I loved it and am reading it through a second time now. It is not very long, but it is just pure inspiration.”

Here is the link again: The promotion ends this Friday, the 6th. If you own a dog, this book will help enrich your life. What if it doesn’t? I always say, it doesn’t hurt to throw a penny into a wishing well. You lose a penny – so what? In this case, you won’t even lose a penny 🙂

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